Wielkość firmy a jakośc usług?

Ile można dzisiaj zarobić na rejestrowaniu wydarzeń takich jak komunie, śluby czy wesela? Na pewno nie mało, ale o konkretnych sumach raczej nikt z tej branży nie chce mówić.

Każdy woli ciężko pracować na pieniądze, które zarabia. Nie są to jednak małe pieniądze, ale ich wielkość można charakteryzować pod względem wielkości firmy, która takie usługi oferuje. Dobre i profesjonalne wideofilmowanie spytkowice wesela to koszty rzędu od trzech nawet do kilkunastu tysięcy złotych.

DSC-136Są też jeszcze droższe projekty ale one wyprzedzają czas i dzisiejsze możliwości większości odbiorników telewizyjnych, gdyż oferują filmy w technologii 3D.  Tym czasem od zysków należy odjąć wynagrodzenie jakie powinien otrzymać zatrudniony kamerzysta czarny dunajec. Chyba, że firma jest jednoosobowa.

Jeśli chce się być konkurencyjnym w tej branży trzeba mimo wszystko kogoś zatrudniać. Do tego zazwyczaj dochodzi fotograf, który również przyczyni się do wielkości oferty, jaką można zaproponować klientom.

Wiadomo, że im większe możliwości przerobu tym więcej imprez można też obsłużyć. Warto patrzeć na to pod tym kątem bo wtedy zarobki są największe. Zyski, jakie w tej branży padają łupem najlepszych są na pewno pięciocyfrowe.

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  1. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the structure of your blog?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
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    • SO critical to have support from a partner when yo12;8&u7#re making changes like these. We try to egg each other on to make healthy choices when we used to egg each other on to see which hamburger joint we’d hit, or whether we should break early for margaritas and nachos. Glad to discover your blog!

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  7. WOW! What a fabulous concept… to combine music and writing together into a novel, and then bringing them together at a booksigning for a night of music! My husband is a writer and a musician, I should get him onto that website.Beautiful photos by the way. Your father must be very happy to have them of the event. Wish I could have experienced it, it sounds really unique. :)

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  9. the first time i saw these on my phone and they seemed to explode. To look at them again i am just awed by the colors the faces and the feelings these photos give. The top two of the little girl who stares down the lens and the one where the father kisses the mom with closed eyes i just melt and rejoice in the love that is human kindness. sometimes i can’t believe that you started this amazing career in the midst of raising a young family is just amazing to me!! You are so inspiring Jayme!

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  12. Dooouglas,Obrigada, querido!!!! =)Estamos super empenhados e empolgados com isso tudo. hehehLogo logo o blog terá mais novidades e acho que todo mundo vai gostar!! =DSaiba que desejamos sucesso pra você também. Você foi um dos milhares de presentes que a Quantum deu pra gente. (O meu maior foi o João, é claro. hehehe)Beijos e obrigada por nos acompanhar! ;) Nah e João.

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  16. I completely agree with you. Griffith is a bit of a problematic figure for a lot of reasons, but watching his work is always exciting. He was sophisticated in ways that others were not at the time, especially in terms of narrative structure and depicting action. I love his Biograph work, because it’s all there from the get go – both the good and bad habits that would be writ larger later on. And also, he was a lucky s.o.b. to find Lillian Gish and to have her in so many of his films.

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  19. I am glad the Deseret News left out the excommunication. I have had relatives and friends who died and who had been excommunication and some who had returned from excommunication, and the obituaries and life stories at the funerals usually did not mention that. I think that was a kindness to the family and to the deceased. I hope his passing is announced at conference as a former general authority–I think it will be.

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